My village Hibida
Municipality Soru Rural Municipality
District Mugu
Province Karnali Province

My Village

 I was born in Arillage. It is beautiful and peaceful, and I love it very much.       

My village name is Hibida. Hibida lies in Soru Rural Municipality, Magu district and Karnali Province. Nowadays, there is a road in my village.

In our village, there is a high school. Its name is Shree Rastaya Secondary School. Fifteen teachers are working in that school. 

There are ten taps in my village. Among them, the two belong to Kuwa (water directly comes out of its ground). We don't have a Jungle in our village. 

There are sixty houses in my village. These houses are built with soil, stone, and wool. My house is also the same. It is colored with red and white color soil. I love my house very much. 

There are two temples. One is very big and famous. Many People gathered and worshiped in that temple in Badadashin and Bhaitika.  

There is a health post in my village. We used to go helthpost when we felt sick. There is also a market. The market name is Shaital Market. I usually go to the market with my parents. 

There are many apples, oranges, and peach gardens in our villages. We have many fruit yields. There are also many types of vegetable yields in our village. Pumpkin, Brinjal, Chilly, Cauliflower, Potato, onion, and garlic are a few names that grow in my village. All the people in my village are involved in growing fruits, vegetables, and grains. 

There are so many villages in Nepal, and many people live in villages. Villages are beautiful, clean, and peaceful. My village is one of the ideal villages, and I would like to visit once a year wherever I am and will be. 

सम्बन्धित पाेस्ट