Sakela (udhouli -ubhouli)

Sakela is the biggest festival. Kirats of Nepal celebrate.udhouli and ubhouli are the two main festivals of sakela.  The word is conjunction of the word udho+auli which means udhouli or downward. While ubhouli is a word made up by ubho+ auli which means ubhouli or upward  festivals are the kiratis to the habitants of the eastern hilly regions -Bhojpur, khotang, Dharan, jhapa and Dhankuta.

Udhouli and ubhouli festival are celebrated in two different seasons (summer and winter) of the year. While udhouli, festival is marked in the month of mangsir ( November and December). Ubhouli festival is marked in the month of Baisakh ( April and may).

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सम्बन्धित पाेस्ट